ellice patterson


My artistic approach is to put identities first in my choreographic work. I don't want to create work on dancers but with dancers as their bodies and their identities are held first as we create stories together. These stories stay true to the choreographic intention but also highlight the dancers to their highest capabilities. I utilize adaptive ballet/modern techniques to work with dancers where they are and create professional level work. My vision is to normalize diverse bodies in dance. Through telling stories that are unique to my own intersecting identities as well as working with dancers diverse backgrounds to further highlight the work so that everyone knows they belong on stage.

Project Summary

I am creating three five minute films that highlight the stories of my ancestors as told through my grandmother through movement and original music including her voice. The project will include telling the story of my memaw’s great memaw Deelie who was born a slave and the generational trauma and hopes that was realized in me. There will be a video of my Uncle Jim who was kept in slave-like conditions in the 20th century. There will also be a video of my memaw and myself on our ancestors’ land and how we are our ancestor’s dreams. Through telling these stories, we are showing that there is power in our history and telling these stories for the world.