deen rawlins-harris

(they/them/theirs, he/him/his)

I am a Queer Black and Non-binary Bostonian, who utilizes facilitation to implicate communities in making art and creating community. My work amplifies the vibrancy, ingenuity, and humanity of Black and oppressed people by aligning our stories with historical, ongoing, and prophetic depictions of the world we live in. I cherish intimacy and create spaces where people witness their neighbors in new ways. I am a graduate of Headlong Performance Institute in Philadelphia and the Boston Arts Academy.

Project Summary

Traces/Remain: Contagious Healing will address how POC communities come together to heal, and begs the question “How can a community make healing contagious?” This public art ritual captures the attention of passerbys who see participants occupying public lots, parks, and community centers with dance, storytelling, drawings, and joy as our “medicine”. We will be developing Traces/Remain: Contagious Healing through a series of facilitated workshops held between January 2020 to August of 2020. Join us as we bring our development process to public spaces for all to interact with.


Photo by Lauren Miller