g diaz y rodriguez

(she/her/hers, they/them/theirs, ella/elle in Spanish)

I am a Queer butch Latinx fat survivor. I want to create to lead to collective healing. I work in many mediums to share stories, evoke shifts, and bring to surface what others fight to keep silent and hidden. I want to create collaborative work that speaks to my communities, for us by us. Thru film, installation work/set design, and curation of community i want to heal with others and find liberation thru telling my truth.

Project Summary

I want to create a film project and installation for collective QTBIPoC healing. I want to bring movement to stories of QTBIPoC sexual trauma survivors. As a survivor of familial sexual violence want to create about this. As a Queer Latina survivor I have had to remain silent because of so many reasons and holding the burdens of being others in ways that don't let you be your whole self and still be held by community or to heal yourself. You are in a constant struggle always asking who you are and who your trauma is. I want to create a film that puts creative movement to these stories and I want to pay us for sharing these stories. I want us as survivors to also envision putting movement to how we would comfort our younger selves. Throughout this process I want to collaborate with a mentor that can guide and help me envision a future for myself. I want to imagine myself alive because I didn't think I'd make it. I am hoping this project will feel like the process was the thing for me and others and that what manifest is really just a sharing of what came out of the two year process.

Photo by Wandy Rafaela Photography