people power

The CreateWell Fund is a result of the stewardship, love and care of our people.

Acknowledgement + gratitude to past team members
  • Jennifer Lin-Weinheimer, Founder and Collaborator
  • JR Mahung, Community Process Associate
  • Amanda Zhang, Event Planner + Administrative Assistant
  • Kasiemba Okeyo, Videographer
  • David Cleckley, Videographer 
  • Ricky Orng, Web Design
  • Jillian Hammer, Graphic Designer
  • Jeff Cott, Graphic Designer
  • Kamaria Weems, Transformative Practices Lead

Formal and informal advisors + inspirers (current and past)
  • Allistair Mallillin, Common Counsel
  • Monique Nguyen, Matahari Women Workers’ Center
  • Kasiemba Okeyo, Musician + Filmmaker
  • Sadaf Cameron, Kindle Project

Acknowledgement + gratitude to past application reviewers
  • Autumn Ahn
  • Allison Maria Rodriguez
  • Anjimile
  • Timothy Hall
  • bashezo
  • Aiden Nguyen
  • Zenaida Peterson
  • Cynthia Woo
  • Meena Malik
  • Sara Riveras
  • Chrislene DeJean
  • Ju-Pong Lin
  • Eric Lin
  • Clarence Lin
  • Jennifer Lin-Weinheimer

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