CONVERGING LIBERATIONS is an experimental, community-informed residency project committed to the belief that artistic practice is key to imagining and practicing liberatory futures for Massachusetts-based artists of color.

The residency's design is informed by community feedback, carried out by members of CreateWell's Co-Tending Designers, and hosted by the Studios at MASS MoCA. The residency is designed to provide resources, time and space for community building, research and artistic experimentation across disciplines.

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Berkshires Mountains, photographed by Mona Layne-Carter.

“When attempting to define liberation, we were struck by the abundant and myriad ways communities of color have imagined and performed liberatory ways of being. In the same way that our objective seek to hold space from a place of a abundance. When we invoke, and think of liberation, we’re thinking across people, movements, and spaces that inspire arrangements of freedom that are neither static nor singular. We believe that creativity and coalition lie at the center of the collective care that contour the conditions for liberatory practices.”