About the CreateWell Fund

Founded in 2016, the CreateWell Fund is the first advocacy and gift-making initiative in the Greater Boston area to support low-income artists of color in their authentic art-making and in the care of their well-being. Living in a capital-driven society, we are immersed in social and cultural norms that place value on industriousness above our basic existence and wellness; systems enforce the validation and value of profitability over creative and artistic potential, authenticity, risk and diversity of expression. With its pilot award program, CreateWell Fund awarded $20,000 in cash gifts in total to four individual artists whose artwork spans a spectrum of medium and genre and whose health needs range from operation recovery to preventative care.

In addition to launching its first award program, CreateWell Fund also launched secondary programming: a video advocacy campaign and a community engagement program. Through the video advocacy campaign, CreateWell Fund shines a spotlight on the firsthand narratives of local artists of color who share some of their unique needs and challenges in interview format. The first set of four vignettes were debuted at our first annual event, "CreateWell: Laying Ground to Uplift" in October 2016. Additionally, in response to artists' needs, a community engagement program, Artist Meet Ups, was launched at the beginning of 2017. The CreateWell Artist Meet Up series is an intimate monthly and multi-generational gathering of POC artists intended to share space, build supportive relationships, facilitate dialogue, and create a constituency base that share common values of artistic authenticity, cultural equity, and well-being.

With its pilot award program, The CreateWell Fund invests in artists of color in the greater Boston community who demonstrate financial need. The CreateWell Fund will provide project- and goal-based, fiscal support to two to four individuals who accomplish both of the following:

  • creating a new original art project honoring one’s authentic artistry

  • achieving a realistic wellness goal tending to a critical aspect of one’s well-being.


Header image courtesy of Mike Morin.

Updated April 23, 2018.


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