The CreateWell Fund is founded and administered by Jennifer Lin-Weinheimer, supported by a team of informal and volunteer thinking partners and advisors (see "Thanks" below), and enhanced by the talented work of hired design and media professionals: Jeffrey Cott, Website Graphics & Logo Design; Ricky Orng, Website Design & Direction; Jillian Hammer, Website Graphics & Design; David Cleckley, Video Production; Kasiemba Okeyo, Video Production; Amanda Zhang, Event Planning.

THANKS to the following individuals for volunteering their time, their expertise, and their thoughts towards shaping and improving the pilot year of The CreateWell Fund: A big thanks to Allistair Mallillin for his generosity in volunteering his philanthropic expertise, enthusiastic support, and input. Thank you to Bonnibel Fonbuena for being a part of our early design team and helping clarify our message. To Eric Lin for his feedback in the early stages and for his continued support. And many thanks to Kasiemba Okeyo for his inspiration, collaboration in media planning, and overall support of the Fund.


Updated 2016.