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ADVOCACY Resources

  • The Massachusetts Artists Leaders Coalition (MALC) is "dedicated to empowering artists of all disciplines and promoting the arts, culture, and the creative economy throughout the Commonwealth. We work to ensure artists of all disciplines have a meaningful place at policymaking tables at all levels of government."

Check out its Labor Policy Paper (2016) to find out what kind of labor issues and policies artist-leaders are advocating for in the Commonwealth. Sign up for the mailing list and receive timely and significant updates and news on policy issues, artists' responses, and actions.

  • The City of Boston, through a community-involved planning campaign called Boston Creates, developed a ten-year Cultural Plan. Since releasing the completed cultural plan in 2016, the city has already implemented new funding opportunities, supports and resources for artists. Also, to read the findings on challenges face by the artistic and creative community, read about its findings on "Barriers to Boston's creative potential" here.

  • Grantmakers for the Arts first released a critical and key statement on Racial Equity in Arts Philanthropy in 2015 and since then has made racial equity in arts philanthropy a primary focus of the organization. The organization continues to update its statement of purpose and recommendations to grantmakers and the most recently revised statement (2017) can be read or downloaded here.

  • Helicon Collaborative


wellness resources

  • GirlTrek has a mission that just makes sense: "Pioneer a health movement for African-American women and girls grounded in civil rights history and principles through walking campaigns, community leadership, and health advocacy."

From its website, "This is not a fitness organization, this is a campaign for healing. This is not recreation. This is a lifestyle. We walk to heal our bodies, inspire our families, and to reclaim the streets of our neighborhoods. We believe in the discipline and power of walking to transform our lives, enliven our communities, and restore our humanity."



  • The Sustainable Arts Foundation, a non-profit foundation supporting artists and writers with families, dedicates half of its grant awards to artists of color. The Sustainable Arts Foundation's mission is "to provide financial awards to parents pursuing creative work" because "[t]oo often, creative impulses are set aside to meet the wonderful, but pressing, demands of raising a family. The foundation’s goal is to encourage parents to continue pursuing their creative passion, and to rekindle it in those who may have let it slide."