Distribution of Funds
Upon acceptance, half of the total grant amount will be disbursed via check, with the remainder of the grant amount disbursed after a scheduled progress check-in demonstrates recipient is successfully meeting grant requirements.

Progress Meetings
A grant representative will contact CreateWell Fund grantees to schedule one or more check-ins, based on scope of proposal, during the duration of the grant period to hear about progress in meeting the grant requirements and to provide reasonable support to artists if issues or problems arise.

Terms & Conditions
Rights of artwork or other creative products funded through this grant remain those of the artist. The grantee will be asked for permission to use any of the artist’s creative work for any CreateWell Fund purposes.

Grantees are asked to acknowledge The CreateWell Fund in any published materials produced with grant funds (in order to promote the grant and therefore, increase potential for impact).

Grant terms also state that The CreateWell Fund has the right to terminate or revoke partial payment of award if candidates do not meet the main requirements specified.

Non-discriminatory grant opportunity. While we are targeting a specific population of artists to address gaps in funding and supports, we will screen applications based on the outlined requirements. We will not discriminate against applicants or candidates based on sex, gender identity, dis/ability, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, race, ethnicity or economic status.