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Application Process

Application forms can be completed and submitted online. Applicants are also required to submit digital or hard copies of their artistic portfolios, if available. Please make sure you have read our eligibility requirements and funding criteria before submitting an application.

Deadline for Submitting Application:

Monday, May 29, 2017, 11:59:59pm


  1. Submit online application by deadline.

  2. Submit portfolio materials by deadline: 

  • Digital portfolio can be emailed to thecreatewell@gmail.com with "<applicant name > PORTFOLIO" in the Subject line.

  • Non-digital portfolios can be mailed to: CreateWell Fund, P.O. Box, E Longmeadow, MA 01028. Postmarked by deadline.

Grantee Requirements

If selected, artists will be expected to participate in the following:

1.  Managing and tracking budget and expenses, using receipts, budget sheet, etc.

2. Artistic and Wellness Goal Progress check-in(s) with grant representative.

3. Provide information on any planned public exhibition, performance or publishing of one’s work, or at the very least, express intent and seek support from funder to secure venues for sharing artwork.

4. Participate in an evaluation of The CreateWell Fund grant program to offer honest and critical feedback so that we can improve the experience for future recipients.

In order to make this application process accessible, we encourage applicants to contact us with questions about the CreateWell Fund or the application process by contacting TheCreateWell@gmail.com or (857) 250-0749.



Updated April 2017.