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Section 1 asks you to provide basic info about yourself and how we can contact you.
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Section 2 | Demographic Info
Please provide us with information about your economic and racial background.
Please include yourself, those who are financially dependent on you and/or those whom you might be dependent upon. Please do not include co-op housemates, apartment mates, et al.
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Section 3 - Artist and Project Info
The CreateWell Fund aims to support artists' creation of original artwork that honors one’s authentic artistry.
This refers to artwork whose primary intent is non-commercial--a work of personal vision and value that an artist is otherwise unable to pursue, due to financial or well-being concerns or barriers. (Examples of proposals that will not be considered: the post-production phase of a project, arts festivals, educational programs, or operating costs for nonprofit art programming.)
If you have an alias that you use to represent your artwork or performances, please provide this name here. Likewise, if you use your real name, please provide how you prefer to see it in print.
Please provide a description of your artistic vision, purpose and process.
Please describe the artistic work you seek funding for. Please describe the concept and intent of the work. Include as much detail about the pre-planning or planning process as you can.
Please select the medium(s) you plan to work with for the proposed project. *
Please choose one or more that apply. Please select "other" if your medium is not included in this list.
If you have selected other, please fill in the medium(s) below you will be working with.
Section 4 | Wellness Goal
The CreateWell Fund believes the care of an artist's mental, emotional and physical health is as valuable as the pursuit of their artistic passion.
Our ideal candidates will demonstrate an earnest need and commitment to using grant funds to achieve both the artistic and wellness goals they propose. CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT: Any personal information about your health that you choose to provide below will be kept confidential and will not be used against you in the application review process. We use this information only to get a more holistic picture of who you are.
Please share one or more wellness goals you would like to receive funding support for. An appropriate wellness goal will be realistic and achievable within the grant term. Examples of appropriate wellness goals include: purchasing and eating more homemade wheat-free food due to a severe wheat allergy or going to physical therapy due to a recent or chronic injury. While we support all wellness practices, please do not include those wellness goals that do not require funding from the grant in your response.
In your wellness plan, please explain 1) the incremental steps or processes you will take to work on your wellness goal within your grant term, and 2) your plan for documenting your progress.
Modes of Healing and Care *
Please check one or more of the modes of healing and care you propose to use funding for.
If you have selected other, please fill in additional areas of wellness below with commas separating them.
Section 5 | All About the Money
Budget Proposal
Select the amount range you plan to spend in each category of expenses below.
Please choose the length of your artistic project, during which you will use the funds you receive. Choose the term closest to the actual time you anticipate needing, i.e. select "6 months" for a five-month project.
Digital portfolio can be emailed to with "APPLICANT NAME_PORTFOLIO" in the Subject line. Non-digital portfolios can be mailed to: CreateWell Fund, P.O. Box, E Longmeadow, MA 01028. Postmarked by deadline.
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In order to make this application process accessible, we encourage applicants to contact us with questions about the CreateWell Fund or the application process by contacting or (857) 250-0749.